Welcome to the Texas Tin Lizard

Welcome to our roadside gallery. Are you interested in setting your yard apart from all the rest? Would you like to make a bold new step?  We suggest that you purchase and adorn one or more of our original bottle trees, place it in or out doors in accord with wishes.  Then decorate them with bottles, colored glass objects, or other items you choose and thusly create your very own amazing art sculpture.  Yes, even on the greyest days of winter, you can have a great splash of uplifting color that you supply.  It is fun to reflect on the memories and stories that accompany each piece you collect and place on your tree.  We are trying hard to place the magic and beauty of our gallery into your hands and eyes.  We invite you to make travel plans to come and stop by for a visit at our roadside gallery if you can!  We have designed our pieces to fit into SUV's and of course, larger pickup trucks.

Bottle Trees in Llano Legend

The Legend of the Bottle Tree

Evil spirits are drawn to the glow of colored glass, especially blue wine bottles. They enter the bottles and are trapped inside, consumed, and converted to goodness and radiant light.

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Where is the Tin Lizard?

The Texas Tin LizardThe Lizard is located at:

401 E. Young St.
Llano, Texas 78643

You can contact us at:

(325) 248-1704

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