Dear Dear Buck

Dear Deer Buck Bottle Tree Sculpture

Dear Deer Buck Bottle Tree Sculpture

It is a little strange to call these lovable critters "Bottle Trees", yet they are, even in the truest sense of the word. After all, they are metal frames with heads made from glass bottles. Oh well, enough about that. Just imagine; place a pair of these deer in the setting of your choice. We think that you will see that each animal seems to have a character of it's own, and every facet of that character says "Happy". These deer are all steel and glass with all metal parts brightly painted (yellow). Chances are, you have never seen a really yellow deer. We want you to see them up close and personal so you can see how cute they are. The yellow goes so well with the brilliant green glass. These deer are no small item, they stand about 36" (3 ft) at the nose and are about that in length of body. We recommend that you purchase the pair because they compliment each other so well. We do, however, ship separately, if you choose (These deer come to you dissembled, with complete instructions for assembly included with the product.).


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